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Menstrual cycle tracker

A digital watch that tracks your menstrual cycle without an app

Follicular Phase 1-6 Menstruation*Think of this phase as Winter. Take time to rest, your energy levels are lower.IMMI Library

Follicular Phase 7-13 Pre-ovulation*It’s Spring and your energy is rising! Your feeling creative and driven.IMMI Library

Luteal Phase 14-19 Ovulation*Summer has arrived - you’re ready for anything! This is a great time to tackle that project you’ve been thinking about.IMMI Library

Luteal Phase 20-29 Pre-menstruation*Autumn is here and it’s time to reflect, rest and relax before your period begins.IMMI Library

Your menstrual cycle affects you every day of the month. Having a simple way to check what day you’re on helps you to understand much more about your body, mood and energy levels.


IMMI Library image 0
IMMI Library image 1.75
IMMI Library image 3.5
IMMI Library image 5.25
IMMI Library image 7
IMMI Library image 8.75
IMMI Library image 10.5
IMMI Library image 12.25
IMMI Library image 14
IMMI Library image 15.5
IMMI Library image 17
IMMI Library image 18.5
IMMI Library image 20
IMMI Library image 22.25
IMMI Library image 24.5
IMMI Library image 26.75
* — This is a rough guide based on an average 29 day menstrual cycle

You don't need an app or smartphone to track your menstrual cycle with an IMMI watch. One click on Day 1 of your period is all IMMI needs to track your cycle and prepare you for your next period.

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Our simple notification icons will ensure you’re fully prepared for when your next period is due to start. IMMI watch is not a contraceptive tool.

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